255px-Russian MW3 model
A URSA Soldier is the backbone of the Russian Soviet Union and they won't stop until he successfully does the dictators says he is going to do they are modern legionaries of Russia like legionaries during Rome. And they are heavily armored with kevalar and they are very hard to kill and they are heavily armed they have alot of equipment like radios, night vision, comlinks, extra amo, extra amo holders, combat knifes, cigarette, lighters, backpacks, nap sacks, flack jackets, kevalar jacket, and Bandanas this station on the picture is also a checkpoint are eight hundred and fifty of Russian soldiers are guarding from rebels and survivalist and inside that building there is food, amo, lumber, water, weapons arsenal, and barracks for the guards and outside the doors there are two machine gunners pit per door and before it all happend the doors where once electicly opened but now you have to push it open.