The American Resistance is an underground guerilla movement with the intention of ousting the Russians and aiding the remaining American forces. It is made up of American civilians fighting to break the occupation. During the time of the Y2K scare economic crisis, some people lived on before the Russian soviet Union or Ultranatinationlist Russian Soviet Empire occupation. For the past two years of the occupation, many American Resistances use guerilla tactics, remaining weapons, years of training, new technology of their invaders, and joined side by side to take back the mainland hoping to free their nation. In Golden Gate, the American Resistance and the United States Armed Forces teamed-up to defeat the URSA on the Golden Gate Bridge.The San Francisco attack was marked to be their turning point as the American now rise up against the RSU The American Resistance uses any weapon they managed to salvage from both United States Armed Forces. But it was a useless attempt because it was a Turing point for the NRSFOA