Golden Gate

The fuel has been delivered to the U.S. military. Now join them in a major operation to retake the Golden Gate Bridge. An anti-aircraft emplacement is keeping the U.S. from launching fighters and the KPA is going to fight for every inch. Good luck. The mission starts out as Jacobs and the Resistance fighters meet up with the millitary with the promised stolen jet fuel. Connor and the player must then get into an AH-700 Scout and fly to the base of the Golden Gate Bridge, where you use a Grenade Launcher to take out URSA soldier with a RPG . Right after you land, a local friendly helicopter is shot down by a RPG, and the player is told to take out local KPA and proceed up the bridge. After eliminating these soldiers, the player walks into a local court yard, where a T-99 breaks through a wall and kills multiple U.S. soldiers. The player must take an RPG from a Russian soldier and destroy it. After this the player will have to fight your way up to the top of the bridge. On the bridge the player must secure a checkpoint for U.S. vehicles. To protect these vehicles, the player must eliminate RPG threats and take the bridge with the vehicle convoy. While on the bridge, a Sentry Tower pops up and fires at the convoy and the surrounding soldiers. As your team tries to flank it with a grenade.