Px-M110 Gun

Semi-automatic sniper rifle that features a 3x scope and 10-rounds per magazine. The M110 is the first sniper rifle you can use in multiplayer, and is a great all around distance-weapon. Meant for sitting back and taking out targets from a distance rather then up close and personal. The M110 can kill in two shots to anywhere on the body, or one headshot. The sound it makes is also one of the most easily recognizable gunshots in the game, making it easy to identify when a sniper is near. While the M110 cannot accept any attachments, it can be camouflaged with every pattern. Also, combining the M110 with a purchase of IR Goggles (Bought Via BattlePoints in-game) allows you to use it in the same sort of white-hot view as the M200, however the zoom is still slightly less.