A battery-powered, multi-terrain tracked drone. The anti-air variant has two modes of fire: unguided and lock-on. Vulnerable to EMP and melee damage. Armed with Anti-vehicle rockets, and has limited anti-infantry ability The MQ-60 AT Rhino is an unmanned anti-tank drone that is usable in multiplayer. It has a mounted four-barrel missile launcher, and helps the user destroy enemy vehicles remotely. The drone has the ability to switch between two firing modes: a "dumb fire" mode that will only shoot rockets straight ahead, and a "lock on" mode where the rockets will target an aerial vehicle if the crosshair is hovered over it long enough. The drone has very limited capabilities on infantry as the rockets will rarely kill in one rocket and has extremely low rate of fire.[[|[1]]] Like the other drones, the Ground Anti-Tank Drone is limited by a battery, which will drain whenever the user fires or moves